Welcome to Leopardkind Bengals!

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“Yves” Our Keeper from Darkstar’s first litter 


 Located in East Orlando, we are a mini cattery specializing in Brown Rosetted Bengals

We believe that our ability to “Shine”, relates to our commitment to quality (versus quantity). Our efforts are concentrated on producing 2-3 exceptional  litters per year.  Keeping Leoparkind small, permits us to actually “home raise” our kittens as family members and give them plenty of personalized attention.  We use championship bloodlines for consistent quality, and make sure they are indoctrinated into the sights, smells and sounds of home life.  We want our kittens “fully developed”, so that  when they come to you, they are not just visually stunning, but just as beautiful on the inside!

Preparing Our kittens to become Yours  …

Holding our kittens till they are 12 weeks old, makes a huge difference in how they transition into their new home.  Change can be a huge stressor  both from a  mental and immune perspective (even on humans). Allowing them adequate time to reach the proper mental maturity can make the difference between an overwhelmed kitten which grows up hiding from everyone, to one that is playful, inquisitive and engaging . At 12 weeks, not only will their immune system also have become more competent, but their vaccines will have had time to become protective.  This means less likelihood of upset tummies or other illnesses following their arrival.  Life is so much happier for everyone involved when a kitten comes to it’s new home fully prepared!

   At Leopardkind,  our efforts have been concentrated on insuring that each of our beloved  little Bengals is ready to embark on a wonderful journey to their new home.  With  your continued love and guidance, they will reach their full potential as an irreplaceable part of your family.  Their lovely presence will captivate your heart, and enhance the beauty of any surrounding they spend time in.



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