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Congratulations to two very proud new parents DarkStar and Yoda!


RW SGC Floridabengls Yoda Cajun

Yoda was Darkstar’s first love- their past union produced stunningly clear golden pelts, & some of the most gorgeous tricolored rosetted babies in our Cosmos!  We are so excited about repeating this breeding!!  **Update! 4 Kittens Born on 6/23 ! Babies & Mommy resting comfortably- visit our facebook page for a sneak peek! Pictures will be posted here as soon as they are a little older!


Porch fun 024

TheRealms Lorelei of Leopardkind

We are so excited to announce that our newest queen, TheRealms Lorelei of Leopardkind has accepted the paw of her first suitor,  RW SGC Floridabengls Sir Lancelot.  We now have 5  beautifully contrasted babies, with great doming, straight profiles, great chins, fat tails and best of all …are already showing amazingly sweet temperaments!



RW SGC Floridabengls Sir Lancelot


Into the money 025

TheRealms Lorelei of Leopardkind


The Wisdom in Placing a Deposit.

How it works: When kittens are firstborn, it is very hard to tell  which one to pick, as they all look and act about the same-kind of  like wet, dark colored newborns. You’ve done your research, found a breeder you like, studied pictures of Queen and Sire- and perhaps even met them.  At this point you probably have a good idea of what the kittens will grow up to look like as an adult.  You also have probably decided what your budget is, and on that basis decided if you are in the market for a nice pet, a very high end, flashy Bengal which is Show or Breeder Quality.    With Bengal kittens, amazing transformations occur in just 3-4 weeks. Bodies grow larger and lighter in color, spots start concentrating and beautiful patterns begin to emerge. The Breeder is generally able to get an idea of which kittens have the greatest show potential (and will often have them marked as “on hold” for  evaluation for clients with the most discriminating needs).  In this way, they are distinguished from those that will be reserved for those who are want to complement their life with an absolutely  lovely pet kitten. After about 4 weeks, more changes come about- sometime a pet quality kitten suddenly develops an incredible profile, or their proportions change and they suddenly display the most perfect size ears & positioning. For this reason, all kittens are periodically re-evaluated. If they improve dramatically, they will be re-priced accordingly. By placing a deposit on your kitten- especially pets, you will lock in the original quoted price.  Because the deposit is non refundable, it shows your seriousness as a buyer and that our commitment in holding a kitten for you is justified.  It is like an earnest deposit, when you are buying a house. The kitten is essentially taken off the market for you.

Your pick is based upon the order in which your deposit was received.  So let’s say, if in a litter of 5 kittens, there were 2 show quality and  3 high end pet kittens – The first person that put a deposit down on a show quality/breeder kitten, would have have first pick of the two available. The first person who put a deposit on the pet kittens, would have first pick, the 2nd deposit would have 2nd choice, etc…. Putting your deposit down early ensures the lowest price, and greatest chance of getting the kitten you want.  It is not unusual for a kitten purchased as a pet, with a deposit, turn out to be show quality. It is our job as breeders to do the best we can to distinguish them, but it is not always possible. I hope this explanation helps clarify how kittens are picked, but please feel free


Darkstar’s Past Kittens!

 734363_654960887848156_484669015_nKittens 044


  Misc kitty 040Kitten at almost 6 weeks 008Kitties Misc 018VanCleef 006modfdFantasyKittens at Play 175


 AM 009 Fantasy April 10Kittens at Play 113More babies 0803WEEKS 101Down to 2 040

 Kitties and Chanel Shots 013Kitty Play 057

Kitties a few weeks before leaving 046  Babies 012 Progress 070