Yves- Our first Keeper

 Yves is a simply stunning, loving boy- and our pick of Darkstar’s first litter.  He is beautifully contrasted, a nice thick tail, a manly build and wonderful ear set.



He started out as a stunning kitten, with a very special, endearing personality…

Yves 4

Yves has demonstrated such a remarkable sense of compassion and patience with our (late) elderly Great Dane.  The other cats & kittens liked Keishla- but in a rather cautious, guarded manner.  They were very familiar with her big clumsy feet, and dufus mannerisms.  Yves was different- he loved and seemed to connect with her. He tolerated being picked up, soaked in saliva, frequent (teasing) nips and  nose buttings.  On several occasions I found them napping together in her enormous crate.

Keish and Yves 4 Keish and Yves 2

Keish and Yves5Yves and spiders 018

2014-03-07 09.05.32

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