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HCM Negative 1/24/2015 by Davin J. Borde, DVM, DACVIM (Cardiology)

Bearbrook Dark Star of Leopardkind

Toy time 031
A Lovely Girl … inside and out


Darkstar is a beautifully contrasted girl with striking green/gold eyes. She has a wonderful, jaw, muzzle, and her glittered pelt-the most incredible silky texture!  She is sweet natured and a wonderful mother.  Her favorite pastimes include:  Outside explorations on her harness,  lizard and bug hunting, bird watching, neck/back massages, snacking on freeze dried chicken treats and playing with her kittens.

Bird Watching

Christmas Kitty!

She enjoys opening gifts too!

Many times when I am hard at work in my office, she volunteers as my personal assistant-attentively intercepting incoming faxes and printed paperwork!

Outside explorations_1780

Whether inside or out, her sweet presence always seems to bring an element of beauty to her surroundings.

. 537450_558050457539200_1057011069_n Outside explorations_1878


 ************************************** A Peek Back: Darkstar As a Kitten********************************************
 Hadara 020 Hadara 007 Family time 022crDF 010 DF & DS 083
Hadara 003IMG_5849_2327Lounging kitties_1718 


HCM Negative 1/24/2015 by Davin J. Borde, DVM, DACVIM (Cardiology)

TheRealms Lorelei of Leopardkind

Laurel 021


The meaning of the name Lorelei is alluring, enchantress


Lorelei (AKA: Laurel), pictured here at just 5 months of age, is our new beautiful “Queen to be”,  from Don and Lydia of TheRealms. We cannot say enough wonderful things about her!  She is so self confident, easy going and a purr factory.  Her profile is absolutely stunning, she has such beautiful bright coloring, a lovely, thick tail and wonderful conformation.  She is going to be a large girl and we are so looking forward to seeing how she does in the show ring. Thank you so much again Lydia and Dom, I look forward to the beautiful contributions she is sure to bring to our breeding program!


Laurel 052

There not enough hours in the day to play!

Lorelei 021

Raindrops and Lizards are also a few of my favorite things!

Laurel 080

Preparing for a pounce!

Laurel 002

A sweet Purrr face for the camera

An attentive office assistant!

Laurel 046

Grace and loveliness inside and out!

Into the money 025 Lorelei Moments 014




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